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About journal

Philology. Theory & Practice (ISSN 2782-4543) is the international, peer-reviewed, scientific, on-line journal of open access. The journal publishes scientific materials on Literature, Linguistics, Language and Literature teaching. The journal has been published since 2008. Materials are published in Russian and English.


Philology. Theory & Practice journal publishes the results of scientific research covering all the areas of studying Literature, Linguistics, Language and Literature teaching. The publication is of interest to a wide range of specialists: linguists, philologists, literary scholars, and educators engaged in the issues related to teaching Literature, Russian and foreign languages. We also aim to encourage early-career scientists and researchers to publish their scientific results and reflections. So that you can get a great experience in publishing scientific articles, to develop and improve your skills in academic writing.


Main research areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Russian Literature
  • National Literatures of Russia
  • World Literature
  • Theory of Literature
  • Literature Teaching Techniques
  • Russian Language
  • Languages of Russia
  • Germanic Languages
  • Romance Languages
  • Theory of Language
  • Comparative and Contrastive Research
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Interdisciplinary Language Studies
  • Language Teaching Techniques

Editorial team

The Editorial Team of the journal comprises the Editorial Board, Scientific Editors, Managing and Production Editors. The Editorial Board consists of the leading scholars conducting active scientific and research work on the profile of the journal. The editors are the staff members of Gramota Publishing and the professionals in their fields. The Editor-in-Chief heads the Editorial Board and manages the editors. The Editorial Team’s activity is aimed at implementing the effective editorial policy.


O. G. Lyabina, PhD in Philology, Ass. Professor.

Editorial board

Editorial policy

The Editorial Team pursues the policy aimed at the high scientific level of the journal and the effective promotion of scholar information.


Each submitted article is reviewed. The process is single-blind, meaning that the author does not know the identity of the reviewer, but the reviewer knows the identity of the author. The reviewers expertise a submitted manuscript on its originality, reliability of results and scientific significance and thus help the Editorial Team make a decision to either reject the manuscript, offer a revision or accept it for publication.

Peer-review process

Publication ethics

Publication ethics is a system of professional behavior norms that concern the relations of the authors, reviewers and editors when making scientific publications. The Editorial Team take the responsibility for observing ethical norms as to publication process and spread of research results. We call all the participants of the publication process to follow these principles.

Publication ethics

COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics)

Abstracting and indexing

  • Science Index (Russian Index of Science Citation)
  • Russian Scientific Electronic Library - ELIBRARY.RU
  • Crossref
  • Google Scholar
  • Ebsco
  • UlrichWeb
  • Cyberleninka

Benefits of publishing

High visibility of scientific articles. Thanks to the Open Access policy the journal materials become highly visible and available for the world wide public right after their publication without any limits (subscription charge or request to register). This approach provides a wide access of readers to the publications, promotes citations and author’s credibility.

Сopyright flexibility. According to the the Open Access policy of the journal the authors retain rights to their articles. The published materials can be distributed without any restrictions provided that their authorship is indicated.

Efficiency and transparency of the publishing process. The processing and publication of the submitted manuscripts occur exclusively in electronic form. The journal's Editorial Team use specialized original software. This allows us to speed up the manuscript review process, maintain constant feedback with authors, and ultimately optimize the publication process.

Information for authors

Article-processing charges (APC)

Researchers from around the world have immediate, unrestricted access to the journal's materials for free and without the need to register. Authors undoubtedly benefit from this approach, but the journal's Editorial Team incurs expenses related to the first internal reviewing of the submitted manuscripts, technical copy editing, typesetting and graphics, publication, online hosting, archiving, and subsequent promotion of the published materials. In accordance with the Open Access model, the APC is paid by you, your institutions, or funding bodies, upon acceptance based on the reviewing results and scientific experts’ recommendations.

Article-processing charges (APC) information


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