• September 14, 2023

Information for authors

If you have decided to submit a manuscript to Philology. Theory & Practice journal, we recommend you to explore publication process guideline, the content type of articles we accept, their structure and manuscript requirements. A properly prepared submission will help reduce the time for processing and reviewing the materials sent to the editorial office.

Publication process

The articles are published according to the Gramota Publishing rules.

The submissions should be sent to the Editor by e-mail. You can ask questions on the publication process, formatting guidelines and others by e-mail or phone.

Tel.: +7(905)048-22-55

Publication process guideline

Manuscript requirements


According to the Open Access model the APC is paid by authors, authors’ institutions, or funding bodies. The costs of publishing include editorial reviewing, technical, copy editing, typesetting and graphics, online hosting, archiving, and promotion.

The decision to accept or reject a paper at publishing in the journal is made by peer-review Editors and is not related to the ability to pay. All the payments are post-accepted by a separate department.

Research articles on Literature – 10000 pub. per an article up to 17 pages; 12000 rub. per an article from 17 up to 25 pages; 14000 rub. per an article more than 25 pages.

Research articles on Linguistics, Language and Literature Teaching Techniques – 11000 pub. per an article up to 17 pages; 13000 rub. per an article from 17 up to 25 pages; 15000 rub. per an article more than 25 pages.

Reviews, opinion papers – for free.

Articles should be from 10 up to 25 pages.

Pay APCs

Publication deadlines

The articles are published within a week after the decision of their accepting has been made. The publication date of an article is considered to be the date if its publication on the journal website.

Current issue – 2023. Volume 16. Issue 10.

Subject areas

Main research areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Russian Literature
  • National Literatures of Russia
  • World Literature
  • Theory of Literature
  • Literature Teaching Techniques
  • Russian Language
  • Languages of Russia
  • Germanic Languages
  • Romance Languages
  • Theory of Language
  • Comparative and Contrastive Research
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Interdisciplinary Language Studies
  • Language Teaching Techniques